Youth Club Manager
07934784341 or 01280 821477

Buildings Manager
or call 01280821477(office hours)

Katie is the Youth Club Leader and has overall responsibility for the Youth Clubs. She is the Monday Night Youth Club Leader / Designated Safeguarding Lead / Data Protection Officer.  For any Year 8 + 9 inquiries or queries please email, call or text Katie!

Terri is the Buildings Manager and has overall responsibility for hiring and the upkeep of the building. She is a keyholder and can be contacted in an emergency!

Deputy Youth Club Leader vicki@buckinghamyc.org.uk
or call/ text 07871667250

Vicki is the Deputy Youth Club Leader and is responsible for running and managing Thursday and Friday Youth Clubs.  She is also a key holder and Deputy Safeguarding Lead. Any Year 7 inquiries or queries please email, call or text Vicki!

Assistant Youth Club Leader lisa@buckinghamyc.org.uk
0r 01280 821477 (Thursdays)

Lisa is our most experienced Assistant Youth Club Leader. She supports the Youth Club Leaders mainly on Thursday evenings and is responsible for Youth Club administration. She is also a key holder. Please contact her for membership forms and queries!

Assistant Youth Club Leader
01280 821477 (Mondays)
Wendy supports the Youth Club Leader mainly on Monday evenings.

Assistant Youth Club Leader
01280 821477 (Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays)