Being at home more means there is more time for cooking. We have a few recipes for you to try that are quite easy and do not need too many ingredients. 

Cooking with Katie

Quarantine Biscuits

Click here for the recipe and instructions:-


If like me you have a little one who loves to cook, the pancake recipe below is all pictures!

Simple Banana Pancakes 

Recipe for older cooks!

Banana Pancakes

If you have any family favourite recipes or tips you would like to share please get in touch!

Coming soon:

**McDonald’s alternative: Homemade burger, wedges and even milkshake!

** Quick Pizza Toast 

If you are struggling to get certain ingredients there is a brilliant list of suppliers ( local to Buckingham). Most deliver!

Click here for details: This is up to date as of 15th April!

Food and Supplies 150420

Mrs Bun the Baker is running live YouTube cook-alongs for kids every Friday at 2pm during the lockdown. 

This website is great for a few recipes and has activities for kids to do !